Welcome to The TLC Network!

...where educators and behavior analysts can be friends :)

The TLC Network is a place where educators and behavior analysts collaborate compassionately by leaning on each others' expertise so that we can serve our most complex students well.

As an educator first, Heather has a deep passion for expanding the expertise of professionals serving students in school settings. Rarely are preservice teachers given opportunities to learn how to engage all of the individual student needs in their classrooms, yet this continues to be one of the leading factors for educators leaving the field. Likewise, behavior analysts bring many useful understandings that are the foundations of classroom management, yet are rarely practiced in using their skills in highly applied school systems. Behavior analysts are increasingly seen as anti-collaborators by the educational community while educators who support the most challenging students rarely have a community of professionals rallying support around the complex demands of their everyday experiences.

That's why Threshold Learning is launching The TLC Network!

Heather Volchko believes that sticky professional growth lives in the collective efficacy of professional networks. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in youth mental health, trauma-informed care, and strategic leadership. She has interacted with educational systems as a paraprofessional, teacher, administrator, and consultant in inclusion, resource, self-contained, alternative, and therapeutic settings in the United States and internationally. It is her dream to facilitate an online space where educators and behavior analysts connect and grow with each other toward more cohesive student care.

You're invited!

Educators of all kinds and behavior analysts supporting schools are welcome to join us in the TLC Network to engage in meaningful community together from all corners of the globe. In addition to our podcast "A Little TLC" and EverydayTLC designs, we host a variety of interactive think tanks including Q&As, community hangouts, 1:1 consult calls, and office hours every month. We also offer online learning opportunities hosted as webinars, workshops, and courses for continuing education. (Yes, TLC is an approved BACB ACE provider!) Check out everything we have going on...

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